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About Us is an e-shopping site that aims to be the link to provide various products in the Arab Republic of Egypt. are mainly engaged in connecting customers with the best suppliers through all Egyptian Arab traders to ensure the best offers. We believe that e-shopping can be a personal and unique experience as if you were in an actual store. We offer you an easy and convenient shopping experience from your choice of product to your delivery on time.


Ease with the Souqaleasr's merchants came to change all your shopping features. Our role is to simplify and facilitate the electronic shopping process for the residents of the governorates of Egypt

Our strategy was built on three main foundations:

1. Presenting and displaying the products on the site

2. A smooth selection process with expert opinions and product descriptions

3. Ship the products and deliver them on time

We always take advantage of innovative ways to simplify the shopping process for our customers. We also believe that its simplicity expresses itself in the surf chose, and bought. This simple method - designed specifically for the convenience of our Egyptian customers - will make your experience as if you were shopping in a mall. have a wide range of products such as mobile phones, computers, personal electronic devices, fashion, beauty and perfumes, sunglasses, watches, and various smart devices including new products that we add every day. You can choose between the best products and best brands with the click of a button. We are always looking to upgrade e-shopping in Egypt with all the basic services such as optimal customer service, fast delivery, free return, and the possibility of payment upon receipt.

We earnestly strive to provide the best products and best quality to our customers, and never accept less for any reason. To that end, a quality policy has been put in place to ensure delivery of the best products. We also provide expert opinions on most of our products to give you a clearer idea of ​​what you are shopping for.