Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, Liverpool's star, continued to break records, despite his team's disappointing draw against Fulham in the twelfth week of the English Premier League.

 Goal No. 85 in 132 matches

Salah scored the only goal for Liverpool to break the number of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the current Manchester United and Juventus player, as he reached the 85th goal in 132 matches in the English Premier League, while Cristiano Ronaldo scored 84 goals during 196 with Manchester United.

Stephen Gerrard skipped

With this goal, he overcame English legend Steven Gerrard, whose goal tally in the European Championship was suspended by 21 goals.

Equal to the number of goals by Fernando Torres

It was also equal at the same time with the number of goals by Spanish star Fernando Torres, former Liverpool and Chelsea player, and Belgian Eden Hazard, a former Chelsea player, but the difference is that Salah reached the same number of goals in fewer matches than them, according to Sky News.

Mohamed Salah participated in 132 matches in the English Premier League, while Torres participated in 212 games, while Hazard participated in 245 games.

 The Premier League scorer

The Egyptian star is currently ranked as the Premier League's top scorer with 10 goals, behind Dominican striker Dominique Calvert Lewin, the Everton player, who has scored 11 goals so far.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Salah became, a few days ago, the historical goal scorer for Liverpool in the Champions League, after he scored his 22nd goal for Liverpool in the Champions League against Maitland in the last round, after only 55 seconds had passed from the time of the first half to write his name on the fastest goal In the history of the club in the Champions League.